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My dear ones,
Greetings to your in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Having served our Lord Jesus Christ over fifty long years, I am burdened to share what the Lord has done in and through me through a website
I have written in this website, my testimony both in English and Telugu and I have included a few messages in Telugu in Video format that were taken while I was ministering His Holy Word at Kuwait and at a few other conventions at Andhra Pradesh, India. Not only that of mine but of my better half ‘Johanna’ too. I have also included a few PowerPoint sermon outlines both in English and Telugu for the spiritual benefit of many.
This website was launched on June 14, 2007 on the occasion of the birthday of my beloved mother, ‘Gera Santhoshamma Bhaskara Rao’ who was called to glory on December 26, 2005 at the age of 87 in Kuwait leaving behind four daughters, four sons along with their spouses, 21 grand children out of which 7 grand children with their spouses and 7 great grand children. I have published a few of our family photos too which are latest and old as well.
I have also published a few sermons in PDF format in Telugu and English. I would request your kind prayers in order that God may bless this website to bring edification among the believers and that God’s name is to be glorified.
You are most welcome to forward your constructive criticisms or comments to my email or by Telephone to my Cell (International roaming) number 99700949 (Kuwait country code 965)
The website would be constantly updated from time to time and I would appreciate if you would browse through it periodically if only your precious time allows you to do so.

Thanking you
Yours lovingly,
John Somaiah